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Today we depend on the time given by the clock. An invention to give structure and safety, but does that really help? Or aren’t we in the end more stressed with it than without? We allow ourselves to be timed by a fictitious construct. The aime of this website is to break free from learned structures and parameters and to show that there is some- thing else. The event time. The event time exist since the beginning of humanity but we forgot about it, because we are to busy chasing the clock. So take your time and experience within three inter- active visualizations, different aspects of the event time. The goal is to reach the event time. A space where everything is possible and there is nothing that times and clocks you. So take your time and break free from known structures!
This website is a project by Stella Rollny Kucher and was programmed by Onur Olgaç in 2019.
All blue elements are interactive. Hover, click and give it time to get to the next visualization.    = hints Turn on the audio guide for more additional information.    = audio guide OFF    = audio guide ON The goal is to break free from known time structures and to experience event time. But the biggest rule is, take your time and don’t let the clock time you!